Two Days - One Model

I wanted to quickly model and texture a game asset with high quality.
I chose a WWII MK II Grenade because I have never done one before and it is a fairly common item in action and war games.

I continually found myself backtracking and trying to make the model look more "realistic", but the time limit made me move forward. I also tried to keep it as low poly as possible while communicating what the model is to anyone who would have this asset in their game.

3500 tris
2k texture.
Modeled in Maya
Textured in Substance Painter
Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Daniel ketterman grenadescenev2

This is a scene I have added to showcase the grenade model. I created all props and materials.

Daniel ketterman grenade1

MK II Grenade modeled and textured in 2 days.

Sketchfab view of WWII Grenade - MK2 "Pineapple". Left Mouse button to move camera, scroll to zoom, Right mouse to pan, Alt + click to change light.

Daniel ketterman grenade2

Rendered in Unreal

Daniel ketterman grenade3