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Substance Designer Materials

Substance Designer materials that I have created.

Many of these materials were created while following tutorials. I did not simply copy the graphs or slavishly duplicate their recipes.

I would build each portion on my own trying to learn their process, check how they did it, and then compare and contrast the results. I also attempted to recreate the same portions using different nodes.

Daniel ketterman sand2

Sand material

Daniel ketterman bathroomtile

Tile material built from scratch.

Daniel ketterman tile2

Tile material from a Substance Designer course at school.

Daniel ketterman asphalt

Asphalt material

Daniel ketterman herringbonebricks

Herringbone tile

Daniel ketterman rockyground

Rocky Ground material

Daniel ketterman rockyground mix2

Mixture of Rocky Ground materials that i constructed separately than combined in another graph.

Daniel ketterman btile graph

Graph for tile material

Daniel ketterman asphalt graph

Graph for Mixture of Rocky Ground materials