M3 Submachine Gun - Worn Texture

Classic US “Grease gun” from the end of WWII.

I wanted to create a weapon for an FPS game that was as photo realistic as possible without going over 10,000 tris.

The M3 is a round weapon and has a round stalk so it took several revisions and tests in texturing in Zbrush in order to get what I felt was a good mix of detail and fewer polygons.

It took nine days for me to model and texture.

The scene that I created in the first image took three extra days.

Daniel ketterman fullscene muddy

I created all props materials and vegetation in this scene.

Daniel ketterman beautyshot
Daniel ketterman fpsangle
Daniel ketterman reverseangle2
Daniel ketterman side
Daniel ketterman referencefortexture

One of the photo references used for the coloring and finish.

Sketchfab view of M3 Submachine Gun "Grease Gun" Worn Texture. Left Mouse button to move camera, scroll to zoom, Right mouse to pan, Alt + click to change light.

Daniel ketterman wireframe

Wireframe View
9200 triangles

Daniel ketterman textures

Base Color, Normal, Metallic, and Roughness

2K Texture