DL44 - Han Solo's Heavy Blaster Pistol (Opacity Map Version)

Han Solo’s iconic DL-44 heavy blaster modeled in Maya and textured in Zbrush and Substance Painter.

11,644 tris - opacity maps to add holes to the Blaster Tip.

Modeling in Maya, texturing in ZBrush and Substance Painter.

Renders in Substance Painter.

Daniel ketterman dl44inholster3proc
Daniel ketterman dl441
Daniel ketterman dl44 5
Daniel ketterman dl44 3
Daniel ketterman dl44 4
Daniel ketterman dl44 2

Sketchfab view of DL44 - Han Solo's Heavy Blaster Pistol. Left Mouse button to move camera, scroll to zoom, Right mouse to pan, Alt + click to change light.

Daniel ketterman dl44texturesopacity

Base color, Normal, AO, Roughness, and Metallic

Daniel ketterman wire