3D Assets - Modeling and Texturing - Generation Zero

During my six month internship at Avalanche Studios I created several pieces of equipment, weapon attachments, and props for a game in production.

These images are only a selection of some of the items I created for the game.
They were modeled, textured, and put into the game engine by me. All the images are rendered in game.

Daniel ketterman camera

I was given a reference image of a real camera and was asked to make something like it - but noticeably different.

Daniel ketterman camera3

This took 3 days to model, texture, put it in game and adjust the materials to look good in game.

Daniel ketterman camera4
Daniel ketterman camera2
Daniel ketterman circuitboard2

Circuit board to be added to a battery to create a bomb.

Daniel ketterman circuitboard
Daniel ketterman dispenser2

Ammo box

Daniel ketterman dispenser

This is the same model as the ammo box, with some alterations and a new texture.

Daniel ketterman dispenser3
Daniel ketterman car battery
Daniel ketterman car battery2
Daniel ketterman detonator2
Daniel ketterman flashlight

This version of the flashlight is the base.

Daniel ketterman flashlight2

Using tint masks several variations of the base flashlight were created. I implemented the variations and the drop down menus allowing them to easily be changed in engine.

Daniel ketterman mine
Daniel ketterman recorder

I was asked to quickly transform an existing walk man asset into a micro recorder. It took a day to repurpose the walkman into this.

Daniel ketterman floppydisk
Daniel ketterman silencer3

I made over a dozen weapon attachments.