Buildings - Modeling and Texturing - Generation Zero

I spent 6 months as a 3D Artist Intern at Avalanche Studios. I worked on a, as yet, unreleased game.

I finished the modeling and did the texturing for three buildings. Each of the building models were in various stage of completion when I started working on them - none of them were textured. From place holder(radar station) to nearly complete (weapon storage building) . Each one was completed in 2 -3 days, including modeling, texturing, and kit bashing.

All of the buildings were textured with two UV sets -one for tiling and one for masking/individual painted objects. I created a texture blend mask - to break up to three different tiled textures, and a color mask to add tint variation.

The doors, and other external building props were textured separately.

Water tower

I completed the final model of the water tower and created the uvs. I modeled the exterior "decorations" at the top of the tower

Daniel ketterman kassun 5

Weapon Storage Building
I did not model the building but completed the exterior props - vents, pipe, and sign. I then textured the building - exterior and interior.

Daniel ketterman kassun 4
Daniel ketterman kassun 2
Daniel ketterman kassun 6
Daniel ketterman kassun 3
Daniel ketterman kassun
Daniel ketterman water tower 3

I modeled the exterior "decorations" at the top of the tower and the electric cable.

Daniel ketterman water tower 1
Daniel ketterman water tower 2

Other props were put in place (the door, light, and electric cabinet) to the water tower to create a prefab.

Daniel ketterman ps 15 3

Radar Station
I modeled and textured the top of the radar station. The metal framework was kit bashed from a communications tower with minor tweeks in maya to correct propotions and more closely match the concept images.

Daniel ketterman ps 15
Daniel ketterman ps 15 2

The radar station is a huge structure in the game and was modeled using tiled textures.

Daniel ketterman ps 15 4